The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business by Charles Duhigg (2012)

Paper details:

Your narrative should be between 1600-1800 words, and single spaced. As you formulate your answers to the prompts, use your own examples and experiences.


Using the habit loop described in Chapter 2, if you had to develop one new habit, how would you apply the habit loop in developing that habit? Please use the cue, routine, and reward mechanism to support your answer.

Using Tony Dungy’s Golden Rule described in Chapter 3, if you had to change one existing habit, how would you apply the golden rule in changing that habit?

Based on Part II, Habits of Successful Organizations, how would you describe a successful organization? Are there any certain habits that teams could adopt to be part of the organization’s success?

In Part III, Habits of Successful Societies, p.259, Charles Duhigg asks the following question: But in the eyes of the law, Bachmann is responsible for her habits….what does that tell us about the ethics of habit and choice? Reflect upon this question using the lessons learnt from the book.

Assignment Submission Requirements:

The assignment must address all prompts in a thoughtful manner
The assignment must demonstrate the knowledge gained from the book
The. assignment must adhere to 1600-1800 words in length and single spaced

Tips for Success:

Avoid grammar, phrasing, and spelling errors.
Address each prompt in the listed order
Address all prompts

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