The Meaning and Purpose of Education [A Concept Map]

Academic Level:Bachelor

Sources needed: No specific sources required

Topic: The Meaning and Purpose of Education [A Concept Map]

Paper details: The purpose of this assignment is to help you think about the potential value that can come from your learning and education. You will create a concept map, a visual representation, that illustrates the possible ways becoming an educated person will benefit yourself, those close to you, your community, and society itself. Included below is one example of what your concept map could look like. However, feel free to use whatever model or presentation best illustrates your ideas. You can draw the map by hand and upload a picture, create the map in Word (or another app), or even create tables – do not feel like you have to be limited to a certain model or image!

First, think very specifically about your own life. What are your future goals and plans? Which relationships and aspects of your life provide the most meaning for you? In what ways will becoming an educated person and lifelong learner SPECIFICALLY benefit your life and the lives of those around you? Consider all elements of your education, including skills like teamwork, communication (written and oral), critical thinking, and metacognition/learning skills, as well as learning the actual content of your courses. It may help you to think about some of the readings you did related to how becoming educated impacts our democracy and our society.

Next, create your concept map, following this general pattern:

At the center: You, an educated person; put your name in the illustration
Layer 1: How will your learning and education benefit you in your life – now and in your future life and career? Be specific!
Layer 2: How will your learning and education benefit those close to you – now and in the future? Write down the names of family, friends, and others who will benefit.
Layer 3: How will your learning and education benefit your neighborhood, city, state, country, even the world? Consider future customers/clients/patients, participating in community service, etc. Write down the situations or opportunities for how using your skills and knowledge will make society or the world a better place.
Make sure you’re thinking about your education as it relates to YOUR OWN LIFE and those around you – DO NOT write down things that are too abstract or too conceptual. We want to see things that matter to you!

Here is only one possible way you could create a visual representation or concept map. This is John Doe, who puts a lot of importance on his family and his legacy. His map is oriented for his values and goals. Make sure your concept map is customized to you and your life.

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