The Line between Child Abuse and Discipline

I genuinely liked the lecture on Child abuse which given by Prof. Lupovici. It was very informative and I got to know about several laws for reporting child abuse in New York state. I learned how can I acknowledge the signs of a child abuse and what is the reporting procedure. I learned about the legal agenda for the New York State Child Protective System. I was shocked to know about In 2015 in New York state of the 66,676 victims of neglected by emotional, physical and sexual abused. There were 108 child deaths resulting from abuse reports in the state.
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The Professor told a story of a child who was being beaten and hit by his father. Later on, upon asking he replied that he was beating his child just to make him disciplined and well-organized. He said it is normal in their culture and he wasn’t aware that it is a child abuse crime. A lot of innocent and youngest children are the victims of the abuse because their parents are not aware of child abuse crime. Anybody who is maltreated physically or emotionally are change in behavior of the child, the child does not want to go home.
A child wearing long sleeves in summer to hide bruises or injuries are mysterious or variable with the parent or caretaker’s explanation. Professionals are directed to report the child abuse by the State law If they fail to report, they are properly responsible for the damages. Signs for child abuse or hit on the places where no one can see. Check by twisting the ear, observe bite marks on the back of the arm, an injury to both eyes and cigar burns.
The victims of child abuse appear anxious, nervous and quiet. Child abuse children have low self-esteem, have learning problems, uncomfortable with physical contact and report a lack of attachment to the parent. The signs for parents are showing little concern about the child, look depressed, behave illogically or abusing alcohol and drugs. Physical signs of a child with sexual abuse include trouble in walking, reports nightmares or bed-wetting, experiences a sudden change in appetite or complaints of frequent abdominal pain and unusual difficulty with toilet habits. While discussing with children, find a private place to talk, remain calm, be supportive and listen to the child.
Do not overreact, make judgments and promises, especially important in sexual abuse cases. I learned a lot about the signs and how to notice the incidents of abuse. I never knew what to do if I come across such an incident. As a dental hygienist, it is my legal and ethical responsibility to stop the child abuse. This lecture was really helpful and informative. Now, I know how and where to report such incidents. To help a child with child abuse, report if there is any doubt. A written report should be filed within 48 hours of the oral report to Child protective service (CPS). Oral Report can be made by the telephone at any time, seven days a week. The toll- free number for mandated reporters are 1-800-635-1522 to New York State Central Registrar of Child Abuse and Maltreatment (SCR).

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