The Importance of Memory Security to Increase Confidence in Classical Piano Performance

Paper details:

Please write a literature review inside a dissertation and please remember that everything needs to be in MLA format. A literature review is an overview of the previously published works on a specific topic. The term can refer to a full scholarly paper or a section of a scholarly work such as a book, or an article. The total words of this paper needs to be about 7000 words.

– I have highlighted a sentence for you to find out 3 different memorization methods for pianists to use to memorize classical piano music. this is to let the marker know what the methods are before elaborating it further in its respective chapter.

Chapter 1:
– I have written out everything inside however, it’s all not in order. please kindly rearrange the information and add in more scholarly articles as a reliable source.
– if you want to cite any quotes, please kindly put a bracket and put it at the back of the sentence like this (Surname page number).
– if you want to refer to someone’s book, you can say “According to (surname, year of publication)”, or “Surname (year of publication) states that..”

Chapter 2:
– find information about the history of performing for memory in classical music. where did it come from originally? who started it?
– link the first pointer to the importance of memorizing a musical piece. what is so important? what is the difference between using a musical score to play the piece and without?
– find the correlation between memory security and confidence in classical piano performance

Chapter 3:
– I will be carrying out an experiment where I will be documenting myself using three different memorization methods mentioned above to understand which memorization method is more effective that leads to greater confidence. The experiment will be conducted in a qualitative research through video recordings followed by a series of questions that would understand the score better
– For this, other than Harmonic Analysis as a memorization method, find other 2 memorization method that you have mentioned in the introduction and explain how each memorization works so that I can add in my own information for each method.

Chapter 4:
– This serves as a Reflection based on chapter 3. Out of those 3 memorization methods, please figure out which memorization method is more effective. Mention the same 3 memorization methods and elaborate further on the limitations as well for each. Make sure each method has the same amount of information so everything is balanced.

– Make a summary of all chapters and mention the limitations as well.

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