The Impact of Films in Society

Film production is based on real-life situations portrayed creatively to capture public attention. The Americans’ unwavering love for movies spurred courtesy of the close connection of the events in the films and activities that unfold in life. Film producers and scriptwriters often use real situations and incorporate a solution that thrills the audience. The public inherently likes to have a feeling of control of life and uniformity in certain aspects of life, made possible by movies. The element of relating to human life has fundamentally revolutionized the industry and made it a significant economic contributor. The other strength of films is the ability to portray imagination, illusions, and fantasies. The mind can picture out ideal experiences and events beyond human capacity. The power of cinema production is the ability to display visions and take the public in a new environment. Americans treasure the adventures of movies and always look towards for more experience. For instance, films can display various settings from the past, modern, and future and make the audience associate with the environment. Films also offer a simplified form of education and diversity. The public tends to learn from movies conveniently and entertainingly compared to gathering knowledge from scripts.

               The entertainment industry has improved the public’s perception of physically disabled victims—people with different challenges featured in cinema with crucial roles correct societal image (Strechay). The sector also empowers change in the race, gender, and cultural perspectives. However, film creation has eroded humanity and transformed the outlook of activities in society. The indulgence of movies in fantasy has corrupted the reality of life. The world has become unsafe due to elements displayed in entertainment. Violence and terrorism levels have escalated on account of movies. Movies are very influential, and they cultivate a false impression in the society that is contrary to the reality and the American culture (Boy).

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