The effects on Gun violence for African american house hold.

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ENGL 112—English Communications II

Critical Analysis/Response Writing Prompt

Over the past week, we have read two readings and discussed their purposes and how the theme of community has played an important role. After selecting one reading for your essay, you identified two pieces of textual evidence and explained how it relates to the essay’s purpose (“So What?”) and theme of community.

For the draft, you are explaining the essay’s purpose (“So What?”) and exploring how the theme of community is prevalent in the essay. In addition, you are to give your perspective on the essay’s purpose and/or the theme of community and share how you share a personal connection to it.

Where to Begin: Start with the prewriting we did in class (your response activity) and expand on the essay’s purpose and/or theme of community.

Your paper must:

· Give a critical response on the essay’s purpose (“So what?”) and/or the theme of “community”. Support your response with examples from the selected reading and include at least one quote and one paraphrase (a total of two citations) in MLA format.

· State specific details giving your perspective on the reading’s purpose and/or community theme. Also, share how you share a personal connection to it.

· Produce academic argumentative writing using appropriate tone, style, and citation format as well as correct grammar, spelling, and sentence mechanics. Utilize academic voice.

· Include the structural components of academic writing: an introduction with a thesis, support paragraphs, and a conclusion. For more information about writing thesis statements, see Chapter 4 Lesson 4.3 in our eBook English Composition.

· Be at least 750 words (rough draft length) and formatted according to MLA style. Length does not include the Works Cited page.

· Include a first page with the following:

o Student’s name

o Instructor’s name

o Course name and number

o Date submitted

o Title of essay

o For assistance with the formatting and the first page, refer to this MLA resource:: ; Also consult Lesson 7.9 in our eBook for MLA style basics.

· Use at least 1 credible outside source in addition to the selected reading’s text.

o In academic writing, scholarly or popular sources are necesscary to help support your claims. This resource offers guidance on the appropriate source types to use.

· Include a separate Works Cited page that is formatted according to MLA style.

• This is a sample essay in MLA style and formatting:

Ø Remember the critical essay’s purpose: We are addressing the author’s purpose (the “So what?”) and/or theme of community AND discussing how we arrived at that conclusion in the body paragraphs. Your thesis is what you feel is the “So what?” (purpose) of the reading. Note: The “So what?” is the writer’s purpose — why the audience should care about this topic. So, we are making a claim about what we believe to the purpose/ “So what?” in the reading and its significance.

What parts are needed to complete the essay? The essay does not have a fixed structure, yet these 3 areas should be covered in the essay.

ü At least two paragraphs that discuss how the author shows what you feel is the purpose/ “So what?” in the essay and/or the theme of community. (This is where you would use examples, quotes, paraphrases from the selected reading to support your thesis.)

What shows that essay’s purpose or “So what?”? What shows there is community in the essay OR an absence of community in the essay?

ü In addition, a paragraph or two that discusses your thoughts on the essay’s purpose/“So what?”. What is your perspective or take on the essay’s purpose and/or theme of community? This is a good place to use your outside source to support your thoughts on the essay’s purpose.

ü Finally, a paragraph or two discussing your personal connection and response to the essay’s purpose and/or theme of community in the essay. How do you relate to the

essay’s purpose/ “So what?”? What are your thoughts on how this relates to community? How so? Remember to connect the essay’s purpose back to the theme of commun

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