The effect of Big Data growth

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Order instructions:The effect of Big Data growth is felt everywhere. It is especially affecting how organizations are conducting their business to stay competitive in the marketplace. This assignment enables you to gain an understanding of what Big Data is and how organizations are using a framework for implementing Big Data to enhance their value.

Watch the following TEDTalks and in a one-page document, summarize your findings addressing these elements:

Video 1 Link:Big data is better data by Kenneth Cukier (Links to an external site.) (, 15:52)

Video 2 Link:The human insights missing from big data by Tricia Wang (Links to an external site.) (, 16:13)

Video 3 Link: The big data behind complex human emotions by Erick Brenthenoux (Links to an external site.) (, 09:02)

Describe why Big Data is a big deal.
What changes did the people in the video expect Big Data to have on organizations and society?
Which predictions and/or what perceptions proved true and which ones did not?

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