The Covid 19 and vaccine benefits


The Covid 19 and vaccine benefits

Paper details:

Speech should be only 5-6 min. Closer to 5 mins are best.

You are submitting three items:

1.A formal outline

2. Power Point presentation

3. A video showing your face.

You must have Power=Point presentation at least 5 slides you can do more if you would like. Visuals should be interesting and appropriate to speech. You can use picture, charts graphs, or video or any visual that enhances your speech.

Speech must have an Introduction, 3 Main Points, and a Conclusion.

Please transition from each point smoothly.( Use transition words or phrases)

Introduction- Should be attention getting. Example: A memorable quote, a story, or a question, or statement. Something that draws the audience in. Do not say “I’m going to talk about”. Begin your speech more meaningful. Preview. Establish Credibility

3-5 Main Points- organize your speech so you are not trying to cover too much information. Narrow your information down. Tell us why this information is important. What are the benefits?

Conclusion- Your conclusion should recap your speech. You can also end with a statement or quote. Restate the purpose of your speech. Don’t just say “that’s it”. You can say thank you or something to let the audience know you are ending.

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ENG110-OL-01 Speech and Communication 2021-10-04 Fall 2021

Please check Week 9 folder for assignments. Please respond to Week 9 Discussion Forum by next Tuesday.

Prof. Pappas- Williams

Posted by: Monique Pappas

Posted to: ENG110-OL-01 Speech and Communication 2021-10-04 Fall 2021

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