The company is Nike

Paper details:Format
This strategic analysis is a two-part project requiring a narrated PowerPoint and an abstract.

Narrated PowerPoint: Prepare a PowerPoint that covers all the main/major items you have analyzed each week (industry perspective/analysis, financials, current position SWOT and GAP analysis, possible strategies, action plans, and conclusions) but in more general terms. After your PowerPoint is compete, you will use Kaltura Capture, a tool that will allow you to record and narrate (voice over) your presentation. Instructions are provided at the bottom of the page. There is no limit on the amount of slides you use, however, the video/narration should not exceed 12 minutes. Think of it as a “pitch” where you provide a company background, summarize your findings, and provide a conclusion.
Abstract: The abstract on the other hand, is a written summary of the presentation. Similar to a brief paper, you should include an introduction that outlines or details the background of your project and the purpose, provide a summary of your findings based on the research you performed, and finally, draft a conclusion that outlines what you learned in general and a long term projection/prognosis of the company. The abstract should not exceed five (5) pages including a reference page.
For both parts make sure you use official sources for your project such as scholarly articles or company official information. You must cite using APA style citation.

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