The Community of Youth Who Are Transgender and Their Behavioral Health

Paper details:

The instructions are attached. Everything for this presentation will come from the paper attached below. This paper is from a previous order that this writer wrote for me. The diagram must be copied into the presentation from this paper. Please put your cursor over each dot in the paper to see what comments the professor stated.

I only need all sections of question 1 and question 2 completed for this presentation. Please do not worry about questions 3-6. Please refer to the attached paper with corrections to assist with the questions. Please make sure to use the references on the paper in the presentation. I did not put a specific number for references at this time but references must be used which are in the paper.

The writer may use the PowerPoint slide that I attached with the title page done or he/she may incorporate his/her own. The directions also have the rubric attached at the bottom of the paper.

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