The Benefits of Bilingualism Essay

The Benefits of Bilingualism

The ability to speak well two languages is termed bilingualism. In present-day society, almost everyone today can speak more than one language. Through bilingualism, communication skills improve, and an individual is more exposed to opportunities. Studies have proven that many cognitive benefits arise from being bilingual (Kidspot). Speaking a second language means that a person has a better attention span, and therefore, they can multi-task. Bilinguals can regularly change from one language to another easily. Adults, as well as kids, enjoy the cognitive benefits of being bilingual. A child that knows more than one language is not affected much by a change in environment. Below are other benefits of bilingualism.

A person who can speak more than one language knows and has accepted many other cultures apart from their (Shah). Such an individual thinks positively about different cultures and uses their companionship to enrich his/her life. It is right to say that a bilingual is open to different and can tolerate them because he understands that no culture is perfect or superior. We can have diverse groups of friends because we speak more than one language. Identities are shaped by culture, and it influences how we behave. Learning a language is not easy; therefore, a person who knows two should be lenient and patient. These are essential traits that make life with other people comfortable. 

Another benefit of bilingualism is that it improves health. Human beings are social beings whose brains do not thrive well in isolation. As an individual learns a second language, age-related diseases are held back. The probability o a bilingual having dementia and Alzheimer’s illness are very slim compared to someone that can only speak one language. Bilingualism either delays or prevents such diseases (Sandoiu).

Moreover, knowing more than one language is likely to keep a person more engaged socially; hence, a person cannot be lonely. A person that learns a second language is bound to experience low-stress levels and good neurological health (Smith). The memory of a bilingual tends to be livelier despite old age. 

A person that knows another language is at a better point of benefiting from economic opportunities. For instance, the resume of such an individual is far much outstanding and can boost the chances of being selected in an interview list (Kostiuk). Companies strive to serve a diverse audience in the current market, hoping that their sales will rise. Therefore, employers look for individuals who understand diversity and can handle people from different walks of life. Entrepreneurs have realized that multilingual consumers represent a significant opportunity for future business. Moreover, most firms have international branches and offer services abroad. Bilinguals have an added advantage and are likely to be more productive in these market settings.

In conclusion, it is essential for bilingualism should be upheld and encouraged. Other than the benefits mentioned above, bilingualism will significantly help in bringing equality and completely eradicate discrimination. Through learning languages, people are likely to understand each other better and start seeing beyond racism and ethnicity. Parents that teach their children more than one language at a tender age help develop the cognitive ability of their kids. When such kids enroll in a school, they are smart and easily grasp whatever they are being taught.

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