The Assassination of President John F. Kennedy Essay

Assassination of President John F. Kennedy

May 29th, 2017 would have been the 100th birthday of the 35th president of America, the late John Fitzgerald Kennedy. How he passed on remains to be a mystery to many as there have always been different story versions of what happened. 

It all took place in the year 1963 on the 22nd day of the second last month after he landed at Dallas’s Love Field. The president was in Texas for a two-day trip when death struck him. The trip was politically oriented and intended to bring together representatives in the Texas Democratic Party, which was falling apart at the time. Considering this was his third year in office, fortifying unison in Texas was essential to help strengthen his chance of being re-elected president in the forthcoming national election. A year earlier was when his term had made a significant highlight when he bought up alternative measures to resolve conflict with Cuba rather than deploying the launch of missiles.

After landing in Texas together with the first lady, Kennedy took his open limousine accompanied by Governor Connally and the wife as part of the presidential motorcade. Also in the parade were Vice President Lyndon Johnson, his wife, and the Senator from Texas Ralph Yarborough. Led by the secret service Cars and the Dallas police, the presidential motorcade cruised through the streets of Dallas as the president waved to the cheering crowd along the sidewalks (Roberts). At half-past noon, the festive mood was brought to an end by the firing of three bullets, which turned the environment into turmoil and terror. The president had been shot, and the motorcade sped at top speed to Parkland Hospital, which was nearby. Kennedy was already long gone.

 Kennedy’s alleged assassin had fled the scene. On that same day, the hired gunman, who was identified as Lee Harvey Oswald, shot dead a police officer that had confronted him in the streets (Knight 31). He then ran to a movie cinema hall that was within the vicinity, where he was caught and taken into custody. A couple of days later, as he was transferred to the Dallas County Jail from the police headquarters, Oswald got struck by a bullet that instantly killed him. The assassination of Kennedy remains to be the most controversial case in contemporary American history. Most people have questioned whether Lee Oswald acted all by himself or he was a hired killer? If Lee was hired, who was behind the whole conspiracy? Answers to these questions would have perhaps been easy t get if Oswald was still alive. But considering this criminal was assassinated too, a few days after taking the life of Kennedy, it is clear that there is some conspiracy. And those behind it were powerful enough and did not want to be known by all means.

Based on research that has been conducted for years studying the whole incident has proven that President John Kennedy’s assassination was a conspiracy of Secret Service, Joint Chiefs of Staff, and the CIA. After being sworn in, Kennedy discovered that the security complex and the CIA had self-driven agendas that were threatening humanity. And since he had entered office as a cold warrior, he started working hand in hand with the Soviet Union to defuse tension. To begin with, he opposed plans of invading Cuba. Initially, there was a plan of deploying missiles in Cuba which would have claimed the lives of many innocent citizens in the country. President Kennedy being the humanitarian he was he could not let this happen under his watch. Moreover, he had intended to withdraw the US military from Vietnam once re-elected back to the office for a second term in the coming election. As per his speeches, he was a different strategy on foreign policy in the nuclear era. This signaled the military that under Kennedy’s rule, their interests were at the stack. Because of these reasons eliminating him was deemed necessary for some individuals. Based on how American citizens perceived their 35th president, it was evident that he would have emerged the winner in the next national vote cast.

The group of people that were conservative with the cold war took John to be naive about the Soviet Threat and hence a liability when it came to US national security (Kaufman 460). According to this group of individuals, the use of nuclear bombs to devastate nations that disagreed with the US was the best way to handle such problems. They believe in instilling fear among other countries worldwide to earn them respect, authority, and supremacy. Of course, the prosperity of the US as a nation was not their only interest. They must have seen other beneficial opportunities for them in the event things went as they wished. It is because of these reasons that Kennedy John had to pay the ultimate prize to silence work.

Numerous bodies other than the CIA and military complex would have wanted Kennedy dead (Uscinski and Parent 93). The Illuminati, which is an ancient, secretive powerbroker controlling the world indirectly, might have been involved in the JFK conspiracy theory. Since John Kennedy wanted to stop the conflict in Vietnam, which was earning the secret society some vast dividends, this might have to be the start of a clash between him and the Illuminati. The organization was angered by how Kennedy was taking over their sources of income and his attempt to make the presidential seat extremely powerful.

There has also been a theory that Jackie Kennedy, the president’s wife, was responsible for her husband’s assassination. According to some theorists, after Oswald fired, Jackie removed her pistol, killed the president, and hid the firearm in a nearby flowerpot. However, this theory does not hold because out of the thousand people that were watching the motorcade must have seen this. So far, there has never roused anyone that claimed to have witnessed Jackie fire at Kennedy. Moreover, if at all she did it, what could have been her reasons? There is no sufficient evidence in support of this theory.

Kennedy’s brother, Robert, was the attorney general at that time, and he was strict in his line of work in turning up the heat on the organized felonies. He had launched an anti-mafia crusade that had convicted many senior mafias. Due to this reason, the mafia would have probably decided to get back on Robert by taking the life of his brother. They saw that under the reign of JFK, their operations were in jeopardy and decided the best move was to assassinate him. If at all this conspiracy was conducted by them, it made sure it instilled in whoever became president of America.

The reign of Kennedy had intended to make it mandatory for Israel Lobby to register as a foreign agent who would block Israel from acquiring nuclear arsenals. With this president out of the picture, constraint for Israel to continue with its illegal activities would be no more. There is, therefore, a chance that this country was involved in plotting the assassination. Some people out of America might not have been pleased with all that JFK was trying to achieve. Some argue that the president’s act of denying a country like Israel permission to have nuclear weapons at their disposal was selfish, considering the US itself had such arsenals. It appeared as though America was trying to be the only nation that had powerful firearms and ended up colonizing the entire world. 

The whole Oswald tale known to many was just some cover-up story that is why it never matched with most evidence, including a video that was recorded by a particular tourist on the sidewalk of the street. The president that succeeded Kennedy, Johnson, had to leave the truth in regard to the assassination in darkness. This was the appropriate course of action to take and not because he had anything to do with the killing but because he wanted to ease the tension that was in the country. If the truth about the assassination had been fed to the US citizens, their confidence in the government would have been shaken. And it was such a crucial time in America’s-Soviet relations. Making a cover-up that would convince a majority of the population in the country was not an easy task. The then-president, therefore, had to act in conjunction with Earl Warren. Having the credibility of the Chief Justice of the US Supreme Court helped in holding a commission that covered the president’s treason (Kelin 410). Being a wise old man, the Chief Justice well knew the effect that the true story would have impounded on the public. Americans would have lost trust in the national security leadership, America’s allies, and the military.

The bullet that killed Kennedy penetrated through the front and blew out at the back of his head. This can be seen in the film recorded by Zapruder, a tourist that had gone to witness the presidential motorcade. In videos taken sometime before the shot was taken, Secret Service officials are seen being ordered out of the president’s limousine, which made a clear shot possible for the assassin (McAdams 588). In the same clip, one Secret Service agent seems to be against the order. This shows that not the whole presidential team was in with the plan. To some, it was a sudden and unanticipated occurrence.

The medical proof that showed Kennedy was hit from behind was forged by medical practitioners who were ordered to do that. As navy medical corpsmen who worked together with Navy doctors in conducting an autopsy confirmed, they were instructed to assume where the bullet entered from and stick to the story that is entered from the back. Even one corpsman went further and said at that point he was disappointed by his nation and felt as though it were some third-world nation. If this word had spread further at that particular time, most Americans would have shared a similar perspective as this corpsman, which would have hindered the country from overcoming the tragedy.

Medical reports revealed that maybe Kennedy would have survived the bullet through his neck, but not the second shot through his skull. When he was taken to the hospital, doctors noted that still, his heart was beating. Unfortunately, his condition was hopeless, and regardless of efforts put into saving him, it was all futile. The shooter must have been a well-prepared expert that made sure that at no cost could the victim survive. Such skill could not have been for a mere gunman; without a doubt, this assassination was a conspiracy. This was a once-in-a-lifetime chance for the planner to do their dirty work and go away with it. Therefore they could not take the opportunity of the president not dying.

The killing of President Kennedy was a significant loss to the entire world. Together with Khrushchev, they were to follow up on a collaboration that would defuse the Cuban Missile Crisis by ceasing the Cold War long before the security complex had its hand all over the US government. Dangerous nations such as Israel would have been denied possession of nuclear weapons. Also, the design of the Israel Lobby as an overseas agent would have reduced the likelihood of the country having a firm grasp on America’s government. In Kennedy’s final term, he would have disintegrated the CIA into smaller pieces eliminating departments that posed a threat and preventing it from ever becoming superior to the president. JFK was a selfless leader that prioritized saving humanity regardless of nationality or race. He saw it wise if the conflict between the US and other nations would be solved by other means and not the common ones of combat.

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