The Arab Spring

Paper details:

Some of the activities of the Arab Spring were unprecedented behaviors. Some observers and participants believed these actions could change the face of the Arab world. After completing this week’s readings, compose an essay that addresses issues relative to the Arab Spring.

In your paper,

Describe what took place during the political movement known as the Arab Spring.
Identify which countries were affected.
Analyze the impact of this movement on one of these countries in terms of political and social change.
Evaluate if this movement will increase or decrease the amount of terrorism activity emanating from the country you selected and support your thesis.
Select a specific group involved in Arab Spring.
Identify their motivation.
Identify their primary economic and material sponsors.
Describe their ultimate goal, if this goal is achievable, and why or why not.
Analyze the impact of the Arab Spring on state- and non-state-sponsored terrorism in the region.

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