Term Project: Topic Proposal Assignment Instructions


By the end of this course, you will complete an individual, final project (i.e., not a group project), where you will take an existing business process that currently functions in a silo capacity and transform that process into a fully integrated enterprise process. The final deliverable Term Project: Final Assignment must be 12–15 pages in length (excluding diagrams), with the following diagrams provided in an appendix: an as-is activity diagram, a to-be activity diagram, a use-case diagram, and at least 5 use case scenarios. To provide you with accountability and to encourage a smoother writing process, you are required to submit a deliverable at each of 3 milestones during the course. The instructions below describe what is required to complete the deliverable for the first milestone—the Term Project: Topic Proposal Assignment.


The topic for your Term Project: Final Assignment is up to you to decide, although the instructor must approve all topic proposals. For this Term Project: Topic Proposal Assignment, you will select a current “silo” process in either your work or personal life. In other words, the process you select must have noticeable inefficiencies, due primarily to a lack of integrated information throughout the process. If selecting a process in your work, be sure to get your employer’s approval. Once you identify an appropriate process, provide the following documentation to complete the deliverable for this milestone:

  1. In a section entitled “Current Process,” write a 4–5 page description of your AS-IS process, similar in nature to the AS-IS process description provided in the Modeling Exercise 1 instructions document.
  2. Provide a UML Activity Model representing your AS-IS process in an appendix.

Package the information above into a single Microsoft Word document. Note that you will need to copy and paste your diagram into Word. Your Term Project: Topic Proposal Assignment document must be formatted with proper, current APA formatting. Be sure that your Term Project: Topic Proposal Assignment also includes a title page with your name. Note that page count does not include title page or diagrams.

Be sure to view the Term Project: Topic Proposal Resources section under the Term Project: Topic Proposal Assignment page.

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