Team Assessment Assignment Instructions

Team Assessment Assignment Instructions


It is important to get the perspective of the leadership team within your ministry organization to help assess the overall health of the ministry. As such, students are asked to use the Team Survey found in the MacMillan text (Appendix B). This survey will help identify areas where the team and organization are performing well, and areas that need improvement. After completing the survey and compiling the results, students should provide an overview as indicated below. 


Complete the Team Survey from Appendix B of the MacMillan text. After completing the Team Survey, provide a 3–4-page summary of the assessment that incorporates the 6 questions related to the team survey as found in Appendix B.

For this assignment, the six questions/reflections to address are:

  1. Overall, which characteristic was scored highest?
  2. Weakest?
  3. Relatively speaking, do these scores present a reasonable assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of our team? If not, why not?
  4. Were there any surprises in these scores for you? That is, lower or higher than you would have guessed? If yes, for which characteristics, and why do you think there is a difference?
  5. As you reflect on the current performance of your team and the scores above, what one characteristic, if strengthened, could most improve the effectiveness of your team? Explain.
  6. As a first step in increasing your team effectiveness, identify a specific issue within that characteristic that you want to improve.

Seek to explain in detail the results of the Team Survey in your summary. Use the 6 questions/reflections as a starting point to further develop your summary.

Any references used must be in current Turabian format.

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