Teaching Parents How To Talk To Kids About Sex

Paper details:

First and foremost I wanted to apologize to you for not getting back to you on the first paper. You did a great job and I appreciate it. The reason I am getting this paper edited is that I gave you the wrong guidelines for the paper, to begin with, and I apologize.

Where I wasn’t clear about the paper with you was the main topic of the paper which is “Teaching parents how to talk to their kids about sex”. This is where I need help in editing the paper. I emailed my professor to see if I could still just use educators more than parents and his response to me was “I would just focus on parents. Educators have their own rules on what they can and can’t teach and how to teach specific content”. So my main goal with this editing process is to revise the paper where parents teaching children about sexuality is the overall theme of the paper.

Ive revised the paper a little myself to find areas where I can improve now for editing and ill list those here as well

– Paper’s main theme needs to focus on “teaching parents how to talk to your kids about sex”
-1 full-page required in the introduction page
– In target audience and Main Program objections the program needs to be focused on parents
– If you need to use different articles I understand or if you could make those same articles work for this paper that works as well.

Again I really appreciate the work you did on the first paper and will attach the revised paper to edit based on these guidelines and the teacher’s example paper.

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