Teacher conservation

Paper details:Teacher Conversation

In this fieldwork activity, you will have a conversation with your guiding teacher in your TED 400 observation site or with a teacher you know.

For this assignment please answer these questions in complete sentences, also the teacher name that you can use is Mrs Attah

You will center the conversation on how they support language and literacy in their classroom. Explicitly ask about how they support students who identify as:
• emergent bilingual/multilingual students (English Language Learners)
• students with disabilities affecting their ability to acquire language and literacy
• students who speak minoritized English varieties; and
• students who identify as all of the above 1 – 3 descriiptions

Design questions that are specific to your school’s context. Please ask them the following question (in your own words).
• What do they know about CELDT and ELPAC? How do these state assessments inform their classroom practice?
• Ask to see if they can show you what CELDT and/or ELPAC student assessments look like.
• Ask to see if you can see a specific students’ CELDT and/or ELPAC scores and discuss what this assessment means for that particular student and the teacher’s instruction.
• Teachers may omit identifying student information.

Other example questions (feel free to use or design your own questions):
• How do you get to know your students?
• Do you have any difficulties connecting language into your lesson?
• What ways does your multilingual abilities influence the language of your classroom?
• How has your experience been in making lesson plan accommodations for emergent bilingual students to minimize the learning gap?
• How do you allow your students to use their funds of knowledge in the classroom?
• Have you ever had English Language Learners in your class? How have you modified your curriculum for them? Did you translate things for them? How was their success before and after your modifications?
• How do you bridge the language barrier between parents and teacher?
• Do not use anyone’s real name (especially the teacher’s name and school name) except for your own.

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