Task One – Standard Operations Guide for Technow Recruitment

Paper details:

In preparation for recruitment of Technow’s new management team you are required to produce a standard operations guide to provide the partners and their organization with a step-by-step, easy to understand set of instructions so they can achieve formalization of the recruitment practice. It must include and consider:
§ An assessment of each of the different stages of the employee lifecycle, illustrated where appropriate by your role as an outsourced people practice professional within the lifecycle. (AC 1.1)
§ An explanation of the stages and different methods available within the recruitment process and when it is appropriate to use each of them. (AC 1.2)
§ An explanation of the different methods and techniques that can be used to prepare and provide information for the various parts of the recruitment process for specific roles. (AC1.3)
§ An assessment of the different materials and methods that can be used to attract talented individuals internally and externally for a range of roles. (AC 1.4)

§ Your evidence must consist of:
– Standards Operations Guide (1200 words)

Make sure your answer are proceeded with the question number, for example: (AC1.1).

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