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A video that I found to be enlightening is called “How Can You Become a Leader in Health Care” by Michael Pugh. He tells how his career grew after landing his first job. Michael, like anyone else, was curious, he asked his mentor for advice on how to make a good leader, and he followed all he was told. What I found to be most valuable from Michael Pugh’s video is the power of being a leader that has been close to work. When a leader understands the work being done, they become authentic. Michael emphasizes authentic leadership (Institute for Healthcare Improvement, 2014). Being a young registered nurse, I felt related to Michael’s condition when he was an interim manager at a small hospital near Waco, Texas. Sometimes to be a great leader in healthcare, one ought to have an in-depth understanding of what goes on in their department—according to Michael getting close to working by being present marks the foundation of a leader to make improvements and innovations. When a leader understands how operations in a medical facility flow, they are better to make adequate adjustments to improve the quality of service. Michael’s mentor instructed him to talk to the patients, doctors, board members, and other staff to learn their challenges. I want my colleagues to note this and acknowledge the importance of learning from one another. Another essential concept one derives from Michael’s video is that authenticity makes teamwork effective. For a team to emerge successfully, they ought to know that their leader understands his department’s operations in the health center. And this can only be achieved by building one’s knowledge to understand what the work entails.


Institute for Healthcare Improvement. (2014, May 2). How Can You Become a Leader in Health Care? [Video file]. Retrieved from https://youtu.be/UpFy5JPYoKE

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