TA 3140 Journal Weekly Assignment 2

Short-form journal entry – Monday

I observed a kid at the park mimic a clown. The clown was in the park entertaining people through dancing and performing acrobatic routines. The child keenly observed the clown and all the dance moves he did.

Short-form journal entry – Tuesday

I discussed with a friend the relevance of having performing arts centers in society. We agreed that the centers help nurture youth’s talent and keep them away from crime and violence. The performing arts centers should be multipurpose and open to all sorts of performing arts. 

Short-form journal entry – Wednesday

I witnessed a parent encourage her son to participate in co-curricular activities. The child had been doing well in both academics and co-curriculum activities, but of late, he was reluctant to attend piano lessons. The mother explained to the child the significances of pursuing art, especially if one is good at it.

Long-form Journal Summation

I will expand on my discussion with a friend about the relevance of performing arts centers in society. Performing arts plays a crucial role in improving society’s wellbeing. The arts not only entertain and bring people together but also keep them busy and away from vices. In most neighborhoods, you will find a performing arts center, and though some people might regard these centers as useless and hubs for jobless individuals, this is not the case. Performing arts centers are vital facilities as they help nurture young talent and keep the youths away from immorality.

Through performing arts, children get a chance to be themselves and take pride in it. Performing art centers are communal facilities; therefore, many people meet there to watch the artists. The children who perform on such stages develop confidence that helps them succeed in life. The performing arts centers also provide classes, camps, and programs where children can learn, create and grow (DFAC). Education in the arts is known to boost children’s academic performance and reduce the rate of dropout. A significant proportion of children who drop out of school do so because they perform poorly academically and do not see the essence of being in school. Performing arts is a game-changer as it inspires such children to stay in school.

Immorality among the youths exacerbates during holidays when there is no school and people are idle. Idleness makes youth vulnerable to falling into drugs and substance abuse. However, if there is a performing arts center, these youths will be busy and stay safe. Some youths visit the performing arts centers to improve their craft and others to watch their peers, but all in all, they are all busy and have no time to try drugs. As the teenagers participate in these arts, some become really good and might use their skillfulness to earn a living.

Studies show that performing arts interventions improves sexual knowledge and changes the attitude concerning access and availability of contraceptives among the youths (Daykin, et al. 260). The performing arts centers can serve as educational grounds where youths can be taught how to improve their sexual health. Most teenagers are sexually active, and they do not know how to prevent contraction STIs and unwanted pregnancies. If the arts in communal performing arts centers focus on sex education, then cases of early pregnancies and STIs will drastically reduce.

Society should acknowledge the significance of performing arts and offer support to individuals in the sector. Communal facilities built to nurture performing arts are valuable assets that promote talent and morality among the youths. Youthfulness is a critical stage as its members can easily give up to peer pressure. Developing the culture of having an active performing arts center in a community implies the youths are busy and inspired to better themselves. After considering the above advantages of a performing arts center, stakeholders should ensure these facilities have all the necessary resources. The government should spend on building these communal centers where they are missing to promote youths’ safety and future wellbeing.

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