Symbols and their Meanings in “Heart of Darkness”

For your second essay you will develop an interpretation of Heart of Darkness by working “from the ground up.” Based on connections you identify from close reading 3-4 passages, draft a provocative 4-6 page analysis and interpretation that makes a claim about how your understanding of these passages reveals a significant aspect of the novella as a whole.

The first paper focused on an analyst approach to the text that helped you develop your close reading skills. This paper is an opportunity to use those skills as a launching pad for a well-reasoned, well-rounded, and coherent interpretation of the Heart of Darkness.

We have worked closely with a variety of individual passages, noting which parts capture our attention (e.g. uses of language, specific actions or inactions, settings, characters, etc.) and the responses they bring out in us as readers (visceral, emotional, moral, or intellectual). We then moved beyond noting them to analyzing them at extremely detailed levels.

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