SWOT Analysis Matrix

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For this assignment, you will be completing a SWOT Analysis Matrix on the company, Chipotle and answer questions.

SWOT Matrix:
Research Chipotle.
Using the information from your research on Chipotle, create a SWOT Analysis Matrix. This is a 2 x 2 matrix that has one box for each of the four factors: Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats
For each factor in your SWOT Anaysis Matrix, include 3-5 bullets. That is, include 3-5 Strengths Chipotle has, 3-5 Weaknesses Chipotle has, 3-5 Opportunities Chipotle has, and 3-5 threats Chipotle has.

SWOT Matrix Analysis Questions: After you have completed the SWOT Matrix on Chipotle, answer the following questions:
How can Chipotle use their strengths to improve their weaknesses?
How can Chipotle leverage their strengths to better take advantage of their opportunities?

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