Survey of Exceptional Individuals #2

 Topic:Survey of Exceptional Individuals #2

Paper details:

Read chapter 2 and watching the posted YouTube video(Instructor information tab)
Teachers need to understand that providing high quality instruction to ALL students is very important. This chapter talks about Evidence Based Practices, Univeral Design Learning, Differentiated Instruction, Data-Based Decision making. This is a multi-tiered system of support. Response to Invertention begins in the classroom. This is for instruction as well as behavior. Use the information on page 43 to view Vanderbilt IRIS Module: RTI then write a reflection on how you plan to implement the items from this chapter in your teaching. (Evidence Based Practices, UDL, DI, Data-Based Decision Making, RTI)
This reflection should be written in MLA format and should be 1 or 2 pages in length.

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