Summative Assessment


Summative Assessment

Paper details:

Create a concept map illustrating one of these pathophysiologies

Right-sided heart failure

Consider the following:

Predisposing factors
Precipitating factors
Cellular involvement
Genetic changes
Pharmacological interventions
Cultural and age factors

Create a discharge teaching plan for a patient on anticoagulation therapy that includes the following:

Incorporate safety considerations, lifestyle modifications, and cultural considerations into the discharge teaching plan.
Address how technology could be used in the patient’s discharge teaching plan.

Use the IDEAL Discharge Planning strategy to guide the creation of your teaching tool. The IDEAL strategy should:

Include the patient and family as full partners in the discharge planning process.
Discuss with the patient and family 5 key areas to prevent problems at home:
Describe what life at home will be like.
Review medications.
Highlight warning signs.
Explain test results.
Make follow-up appointments.
Educate the patient and family in plain language about the patient’s condition, the discharge process, and next steps at every opportunity throughout the hospital stay.
Assess the patient’s learning after explaining the diagnosis, condition, and next steps in the patient’s care to the patient and family and use teach-back.
Listen to and honor the patient and family’s goals, preferences, observations, and concerns.

Use a format for communicating the teaching plan that will best convey information to the patient.

Formatting options include:

Combination of the above

Cite a minimum of 3 scholarly sources on an APA-formatted reference page.

All images must be cited correctly, or be ones that you create.

Submit your assignment.

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