Summary (World Religion) (Chapter 5 Buddhism) (Video and Book will be attached)

Paper details:Format: All journals should be in Times New Roman, 12 points, 1-inch margin, single-spaced. Failure to follow this format will result in deduction of points.
Each reading journal has three parts:
Part I. Minimum 1-page (single spaced; longer is fine) chapter summary. Read the textbook carefully. Then write a summary in any format that works for you (essay format). Your summary should show that you read through the whole chapter and paid attention to the contents (Not just a selection of pages or heading, but the whole chapter from the beginning to the end).
Part II. Minimum 5-sentences reflection on a short video clip. As you watch the video, write a short reflection–what was the most interesting or puzzling, any questions or thoughts, any elements you recognized (based on our lectures) or learned about the religion, etc.
Part III. Terms and Concepts. Review the textbook and PowerPoint lecture slides. Write down 1-2 sentence descriiptions or definitions for the terms provided. This will help you to review the materials and study for the exams. The terms that you need to answer will be announced for each reading journal.
-Where do you see most Buddhist practitioners
-Different names of Buddha
-Middle Way
-Dharma in Buddhism
-Four Noble Truths
-Noble eightfold path
-At least 3 characteristics/details of Theravada Buddhism
-At least 3 characteristics/details of Mahayana Buddhism
-Stupa of Buddha
-At least 3 characteristics/details of Vajrayana Buddhism
Video Link: to an external site. (Login will be available for the assigned writer)

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