summarize/outline in own words


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two separate outlines; first is chapter 2 of White, R. (2011). Transnational environmental crime: Toward an eco-global criminology. New York, NY: Routeledge. ISBN 978-1-84392-802-7

second is:

Just summarize/outline in own words, if quoting must explain it in own words. Then create 1 discussion question per reading totaling 2 questions.

submit a quick outline summary and reaction to your weekly reading and any in-class videos we view or additional videos I ask you to view outside of class time. You must also post 2 discussion questions per post.
This is NOT a formal paper. Your submission can be in outline or paragraph form. This is simply a way to show me that you have done and understand the readings/viewings and are prepared to discuss them in class.

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