1. In the beginning, before god came down, there was a huge drop of milk.
  2. Then Doondari (God) came and created the stone.
  3. The stone created iron.
  4. Iron created fire; fire created water; water created air.
  5. After that, Doondari descended a second time and took the five elements.
  6. He shaped them into a man.
  7. Since the man was proud, Doondari created blindness.
  8. Blindness defeated man.
  9. When blindness became too proud, Doondari created sleep.
  10. Sleep defeated blindness.
  11. Because sleep became too proud, Doondari created worry, and worry defeated sleep.
  12. Can you guess what’s next? When worry became too proud, Doondari created death.
  13. Death defeated worry.
  14. Is it possible? Yes, death became too proud, too.
  15. Doondari descended for the third time.
  16. After descending for the third time, Doondari became Gueno, the eternal one.
  17. Gueno defeated death. 

2.0 – 2.3 GRAMMAR HW:

  1. No one knows how to spell her name.
  2. The girl that called this morning just sent an email reminder.
  3. Could you ask the doctor who is on duty tonight to call me at 8 pm?
  4. The students that are no longer learning grammar do not know how to use “who”.
  5. The story that was read aloud by two students was long and boring.
  6. John, as well as Mary, wants to drop the course.
  7. Jessy or July wants to participate.
  8. Neither July nor Jessy wants to take the quiz.
  9. Both July and Jessy want to take the quiz.
  10. Nick, along with his parents, is looking for the keys he used to have three keys now he has one, and it’s lost.
  11. The song they sing stays in my mind all day.
  12. She draws as well as she designs clothes.
  13. Nobody ever goes to see her; she’s very lonely.
  14. You usually have to wait for a long time; nothing happens quickly.
  15. There was nowhere to park the car.
  16. No one remembers the titles of the books they’ve read.
  17. Everyone has done his or her homework.
  18. Somebody has left her purse.
  19. Some of the beads are missing.
  20. Some of the water is gone.
  21. None of the students has done their homework.
  22. The mayor, as well as his brothers, is going to prison.
  23. The mayor and his brothers are going to jail.
  24. Neither of the two traffic lights is working.
  25. Either choice is fine with me.
  26. Either my father or my brothers are going to sell the house.
  27. Neither my brothers nor my father is going to sell the house.
  28. Are either my brothers or my father responsible?
  29. Is either my father or my brother’s responsible?
  30. Some of the voters are still angry.
  31. A large percentage of the older population is voting against her.
  32. Two-fifths of the troops were lost in the battle.
  33. Two-fifths of the vineyard was destroyed by fire.
  34. Forty percent of the students are in favor of changing the policy.
  35. Forty percent of the student body is in favor of changing the policy.
  36. Two plus two is four.
  37. Four times four divided by two is eight.
  38. The department members but not the chair, have decided not to teach on Valentine’s Day.
  39. It’s not the faculty members but the president who decides this issue.
  40. It was the speaker, not his ideas, that has provoked the students to riot.

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