Subject matter jurisdiction and venue

Paper details:

1. Identify which civil procedure rule(s) control venue and jurisdiction in your home state. Compare and contrast your state’s rules to those of the Federal Rules for Civil Procedure on these two matters.
2. What is the difference between having: (a) subject matter jurisdiction based on diversity of jurisdiction and (b) subject matter jurisdiction based on a federal question. Could you give
an example of each?
3. Based on your readings, discuss the following questions about venue and what you have already learned about federal subject matter jurisdiction:
a. Read this Supreme Court case about venue, and in particular, how clauses in commercial contracts can trigger venue transfer issues: Atlantic Marine Construction Co., Inc. V.
United States District Court for the Western District of Texas 571 U.S. 49 (2013).
b. Discuss this case’s issue, especially about how it relates to venue.
C. Using Nexis Uni via the APUS Trefry Library, find another venue-related civil case and describe it to the class.

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