Student completing his or her Doctor of Nursing Practice degree (DNP)


For a student to complete his or her Doctor of Nursing Practice degree (DNP), one must implement an evidence-based practice for an institution. Doing so requires vigorous research on valid types of literature to back up the said research that needs to be done. DNP project goal aims to help educate various people in the community and assist them in ways known to deliver high-quality care (Doctor of Nursing PracticeDNP, n.d.). DNP projects mainly focus on interventions such as (quality improvement, for example) that help promote positive change for individuals in the community (the University of Buffalo, n.d.). For this discussion,

my graduate project of adding yoga as a modality in an outpatient clinic to help relieve anxiety symptoms in some patients who have been dependent of medications, I would utilize images such as pictures and graphics of individuals doing specific yoga poses alongside a small concept map on how anxiety works in the brain. I would include tables showing the clinical burden of

anxiety in the USA. I would include a study introduction, methodology, results, conclusions, limitations found, and even acknowledgments of those who could help my project come to fruition. In addition to this, references should also be added to ensure that the data I have posted are backed up by sound evidence.

APA references

250 words

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