Strategic Workplan Assignment Instructions


For this assignment you will create your own Strategic Workplan. This assignment will provide you with the opportunity to culminate all of the information learned throughout the course. For the Strategic Workplan Assignment you will select a problem and design a method for applying a Strategic Intelligence platform to the described problem. The body of the paper will consist of all of the questions a person would ask if you mentioned the hypothesis to them. What is it I am researching? What is the current problem? What is the solution? What do my critics say about the problem and my solution? What does the literature say about the problem and my solution? What gaps in the literature will my solution address? If successful, what are the implications of my research? And a conclusion with a hypothesis generation.


You will write a 10 – 12-page Strategic Workplan Paper that covers the implementation of a Strategic Intelligence process. The paper must properly follow current APA style. Detailed instructions for APA style can be found in the university writing center. If you are struggling with current APA format, you may refer to the Additional Information folder for help. The paper should include the following items: running head, page numbers, title page, spacing, indentions, margins, and headings. Remember to use at least ten (10) scholarly references to support claims.

After a coversheet, you will write a minimum 10-page essay. Include the following elements in your paper:

  • Title page including a running head
  • Abstract and key words
  • Body

The workplan should include the elements provided in the McDowell (2016) textbook, including:

  • An original task
  • A conceptual framework
  • Problem definition
  • Terms of reference
  • A project work plan
  • Method of data collection
  • Collation and evaluation methods
  • A hypothesis generation

Note: Your assignment will be checked for originality via the Turnitin plagiarism tool.

After you complete your Strategic Workplan Assignment, you should submit your assignment to the Strategic Workplan Draft Submission Assignment to check your Turnitin report and make any adjustments prior to your final submission. After reviewing your Turnitin results, make any edits necessary to your Strategic Workplan Assignment prior to submitting for a grade.

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