Stranger in the village by james baldwin

An analytical presentation of the story ″ Stranger in the village: by James Baldwin. Use rhetorical appeals,: Appeal to pathos, ethos and logos.The presentation: a) defines important terms (b) clearly states her/his main argument(s) c) provide evidence for these claims1)Organize your presentation around the quotations that address a, b, and c above2)Craft an introduction that addresses a, b and c above.a.Use a hook statement that grabs the audience’s attention while setting the parameters for your presentation topicb. Briefly identify all the major discussion points you address in your analytic presentation3)With reference to your knowledge of rhetorical appeals, analyze a, b, AND c by attending to the ways in which they are constructed and conveyed. a.What type of rhetorical appeals would best suit the author’s thesis (ethos, pathos, or logos)? What type of rhetorical appeals does the author actually use? Is this effective at supporting the thesis? What type

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