The arbitrator could overthrow the company’s decision to discharging the Union representative for insubordination accusations. Instead, the arbitrator could suggest other mild penalties for the abusive and misappropriate behavior portrayed by the steward in the heat of the debate. The company decision lacks a just cause, and the evidence exhibited by the company is information deficient. The company decided to fire in the absence of the steward, the offended worker, and other employees; therefore, the company decision is biased. The company only took the word from the supervisor and the assistant personnel and concluded the case. The company has negative attitudes towards the Union and this grudge that exists clouds the company’s reasoning questioning the company’s information credibility (YouTube, 2007).

As the arbitrator, I would caution the steward to monitor his language; his abusive language can fire up conflicts and disrespect human dignity. The steward should use polite language and sort other means for earning respect from the employees without assaulting them. The steward should learn to control his emotions and take time to make any decision by consulting the management (Time Clock, 2019). Collaboration in the company would enhance uniformity in the company’s management and the Union’s decision, and such conflicts would not occur.

On the other hand, the company should take complaints seriously and address them immediately to avoid problem accumulation. The management should listen to each side of the story in the future before finalizing a decision. The company should also directly confront the Union in case of any problems to eliminate prejudiced decision making. The company needs to enforce a violent free environment and set out an elaborate penalty for any employee that may assault their rights. Furthermore, the company needs to ensure harmony in decision making; in this case, the Union department and the management seem to lack teamwork (The University of Texas, 2020).


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