Steve and Ernie Boch Jr. case: breach of contract.

Steve wishes to buy a car. He sees an a car listed in an ad on for a 2016 green Honda civic. The car is listed as in excellent condition, low mileage, and is priced at $14,000. The website lists the dealership for the car as Boch Honda, owned by Ernie Boch, Jr.  Steve calls Ernie and Ernie says, sure, the car’s in the store and “Come on down!” So Steve heads down to the Boch Honda store and asks about the car listed on the website ad. He’s told that the green car is actually not available, but that a very similar car has come in. This car is a blue 2017 Honda civic with the slightly higher mileage. The price for that car is $16,000. Steve gets very angry and demands the green car. He writes a review in Yelp, calling Ernie a liar and a cheat.

 Steve sues Ernie Boch Jr. for breach of contract. Will he win the lawsuit? Why or why not? What legal action, if any, can Ernie Boch take? Will he win?

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