Statistical Inference

Before beginning this prompt, you will want to completely understand Statistical Inference as presented in Chapter 7. Then choose one of the following topics and thoroughly explain it to the class. Before choosing your topic to research and report on, check to make sure one of your fellow students has not already chosen it. Here are the topics to choose from:

  • The purpose of Hypothesis testing
  • The Null hypothesis and the Alternate hypothesis 
  • The steps in the hypothesis-testing procedure
  • Explain Beta (ß) and how it depends on the True Population mean
  • Explain how a Test Statistic and a Critical value work together and what they do
  • Explain Level of Significance
  • Explain a Type I error
  • Explain a Type II error
  • Explain the Power of the Test
  • Explain the P-value and how it is used
  • Give an example of when to use a one-sample test of the mean
  • Give an example of when to use a two-sample test of the mean
  • What is the difference between a one-tailed and a two-tailed test and whether one is more rigorous than the other
  • Give an example of a one-sample test for proportions
  • Give an example of a Paired two-sample test for means
  • Explain how to use an ANOVA test and what conditions must be met to use this test
  • Explain what the term F-test means
  • Explain how to use and when to use a Chi-Square test

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