Starting a small business

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(In my “Achieving Rhetorical Assignment I chose starting a small business)

Every choice a rhetor (writer or speaker) makes has implications and consequences. Now it is time to reflect on your choices in your “Achieving Rhetorical Excellence” assignment.
Write a 350- to 700-word essay in which you explain your choices in that assignment. In your essay, please consider the following:
Clearly and specifically explain your target audience and why you chose this genre and format to reach them.
Identify where and how you used critical thinking, and where you shifted to other appeals.
Include a discussion of what implications your choices carry in the larger public sphere. (For example: Some rhetorical choices work well for a specific target audience, but work badly in the larger context. Consider Mitt Romney’s famous 47% comment in the 2012 presidential election, which did not seem to produce any negative reaction in his target audience, but which played badly in the larger public arena.)
Format your assignment consistent with APA guidelines.
Submit your assignment.
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