Special Discussion: Should Companies Require Employees to Take the Vaccine

From time to time, we will use the discussion board to bring our awareness of current events into the classroom. This week, I’ve asked you to read the New York Times article:  “Should Companies Require Employees to Take the Vaccine?” After reading this article, please use your discussion this week to reflect on this question. In answering where lay the responsibility for vaccinations, consider the current availability of vaccines, whether this would mean that at home employees would return to the office, what would be the ramifications down the line for at home family care and schooling, and who should bear the burden of these costs. You can also consider the impact the pandemic has had on society and its various demographics. What role do corporations have in addressing the race and gender inequities that may have been perpetuated during the pandemic? 

For full grade points on your discussion, your initial post must be submitted no later than end of the day on Thursday of the week and responses to at least two colleagues must be submitted by the end of the day on Sunday. Your initial post should be reflective of the discussion prompt and should reflect engagement in the content. Your responses should be at least 75 words in length and should contain more substance than “Yes” or “I agree.” Grades less than the full grade of 5 points will be issued if either the initial post is late, you respond to less than 2 students, or your initial post or response posts do not indicate thoughtful reflection on the material.

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