Social Work Learning Journal Entry

3 pages double spaced

Subject: Social Work

Paper details:

Please find attached a description of the assignment with attachments.

Detailed description of the assignment:

Learning Journal

Complete journal entry of no more than two to three double spaced pages on some aspect of your learning in the course. This can be as result of the readings. Lectures or discussions on line or discussions outside of class as a result of some aspect of the course content.

The professor is  looking for:
1. Your capacity to engage with the course material with thoughtfulness and depth.

2. Your capacity to engage with the material covered in this course critically.
3. Your capacity to communicate and summarize your thoughts clearly demonstrating your understanding of the key concepts discussed in the modules.

The journal entry must be based on (the  attached) reading material:

Flannery, R. & Everly, G. (2000). Crisis Intervention: A Review. International Journal of Emergency Mental Health 2(2). pp. 119-125. Flannery, R. & Everly, G. (2000).pdf {614 KB]

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