Social Science: PSYCHOLOGY 212

QUESTION 1:  1. What is the difference between fear and anxiety??…


1. What is the difference between fear and anxiety??

2. Why or when might the fight-or-flight response become a problem?

3. If people can have symptoms of anxiety when they have other types of disorders, what determines whether an anxiety disorder should be the diagnosis?


1. Based on what you have read, what differentiates a “worrywart”-someone who worries a lot—from someone with generalized anxiety disorder (GAD)?

2. If having GAD Is distressing, why don’t patients simply stop worrying?

3. What factors maintain the disorder?


All you know about Fiona is that she has had about 10 panic attacks.

1. Is this enough information to determine whether she has a panic disorder? If it is, does she have the disorder?

2. If this isn’t enough information, what else would you want to know, and why?

Now suppose Fiona begins to miss Monday classes because of panic attacks on those days. She also stops going to parties on weekends because she had a couple of panic attacks at parties.

3. Would you change or maintain your answer about whether she has panic disorder? Why or why not?

Suppose Fiona does have the disorder. By the end of the semester, Fiona no longer goes out of her apartment for fear of having a panic attack. 

4. Explain how she might have developed the disorder.


Nick loved his job—he was a programmer, and he worked from home. The thing he loved most about his job was that he didn’t have to deal with people all day. However, his company was recently bought by a larger firm that wants Nick to start working in the central office a few days a week. His new boss tells him he will have to attend several weekly meetings. Nick gets anxious about these changes.

1. What determines whether Nick has social anxiety disorder or is just shy and nervous about the work changes? Explain your answer.


Colby is horribly afraid of tarantulas, refusing to enter the insect house at the zoo. 

1. Do you need any more information before determining whether Colby has a specific phobia of tarantulas? If so, what would you need to know?

2. If not, do you think he has a specific phobia of tarantulas? Explain.

3. How might Colby have developed his fear of tarantulas?

4. What factors are likely to have been involved in its emergence and maintenance?


Nia is 12 years old and going through puberty. Lately she has been coming home right after school and staying home on the weekend, no longer hanging out with her friends. In fact, Nia is unhappy when her mother (her parents are divorced) leaves her alone to go shopping or to go out for the evening; sometimes she tearfully begs her mother but won’t—or can’t explain why she feels so upset.

1. Based on what you have learned, how do you think Nia—and her mother—should proceed?

2. Should they wait and hope the symptoms pass or try to find out more? Explain your answer in detail.

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