Social Psychology

Article Review Questions

Assignment is worth 18 total points (3 points per question)

-3 = there was no answer given for this question

-2 = an answer was given but it’s nowhere close to the correct answer

-1 = answer was close but not correct

  1. What is/are the research hypothesis/hypotheses in this study? [Note: remember that this is/are the proposed answer(s) to the research question(s).  A hypothesis is a testable prediction and should be stated as such.]
  •  Who/what are the participants in this study? [Note: remember to include the number of participants, who/what they were (e.g., college students in a general psychology course), and information on how they were recruited to participate.  This answer should include ALL given information about participants, such as age, ethnicity, gender, etc. If participants were dropped from the data analysis, mention that and why they were dropped.]
  • What was the procedure used in this study? (Note: remember to provide detailed information about what the participants actually did and what they experienced. The method section should always be the most-detailed section of a research article.  So, your answer to this question should always be highly detailed. Explain the procedure and what participants experienced.  Unless the procedural description in the article was pretty short, your answer should consist of numerous paragraphs.)
  • What were the independent and dependent variables? For the independent variable(s), include the levels(s). (Note: level means the variations of the variable.)
  • What was/were the researcher(s) conclusions? (Note: remember to compare these findings to what the researcher(s) originally hypothesized.  This question is asking what the researchers concluded based on the results of their statistical analyses.  Your answer can include the statistical results, but only as long as you also include what the authors concluded that the results meant.)

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