Social economy classification

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Learning Objectives: This quiz is designed to test students’ ability to identify and distinguish different types of social economy organizations.
(a) You are to identify the organizational type of the 15 organizations listed below, according to the scheme developed by Quarter, Mook and Armstrong.
You need to indicate whether the organizations are part of the social economy and, if so, what sector of the social economy they are in and what specific type of social economy organization they are.
If you think that an organization is not part of the social economy then, again, you need to explain why and you need to indicate what type of (non-social economy) organization you think it is.
You need to provide a rationale (based on criteria) for your classification of the organizations. You should provide as much (relevant) detail about the organizations as you can.
The 15 organizations listed below.
1. Canadian Museum of Human Rights
2.Beau’s All Natural Brewing Company
3. British Columbia Teachers Federation
4. Haida Gwaii Community Futures
5. Osoyoos Indian Band
6. Ethnicity Catering (Calgary)
7. Fourth Pig Construction
8. University Children’s Learning Centre, UBCO
9. River Select Fisheries
10.Kelowna Women’s Shelter Thrift Store
11. SARCAN Recycling
12. Amnesty International
13. Meals on Wheels
14. VanCity Community Foundation
15. Eastside Movement for Business & Economic Renewal Society (EMBERS)

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