SIM PowerPoint Presentation Slide Deck Contents

For this Final Board Presentation, you will be using what you have learned in this program to create a presentation on your Group’s performance in the BSG SIM to present to the “Board of Directors.” Each group member must assume responsibility for an equal share of the slide preparation and presentation, including audio components. Once assembled into a slide deck, all group members must preview the presentation for completeness and accuracy. Creating audio within your presentation is a requirement. Your presentation should be 14–20 slides and the audio component should be 10–15 minutes.

  • • Title slide showing company name and team members
    • • Slides covering the following (2–3 slides): o Vision statement
    • o Mission statement
    • o Values statement
    • o Goals and objectives
    • • Description of Market and Product Lines Sold by Region (2–3 slides)
    • • Planned Strategies by Region and Product Line (2–3 slides)
    • • Results by Product Line and Region (4–5 slides)
    • • Summary of Overall Company Performance (2–3 slides) o Trends in the company’s annual total revenues
    • o Trends in the company’s annual earnings per share (EPS)
    • o Trends in the company’s annual return on equity investment (ROE)
    • o Trends in the company’s annual credit rating
    • o Trends in the company’s year-end stock price
    • o Trends in the company’s annual image rating
    • • Lessons Learned by Competing in the SIM as a Group (2–3 slides)
    • • References slide to include a minimum of four (4) properly cited sources

Helpful Tips

  • • Your introduction must be clear and concise, including the key points to take from the presentation.
  • • Check that you have a story line—slides must flow logically.
  • • Check your academic and technical writing style, including any citations and references where needed.
  • • Remember to appoint a person responsible for the submission and agree to the deadline.
  • • Keep your audience in mind (i.e., the other teams).

Note: Please remember that this is a formal assignment and as such each part must follow the Academic Writing Expectations for Capstone courses.

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