Significance of a development plan

A development plan is essential for both manager and employee as it paves way for development that might be required in the firm’s future operations. It occasionally involves areas such as personal characters of an employee, their skills and knowledge. However, due to the fear of losing competent workers managers have had to be cautious when it comes to addressing matters of goal development planning. However, the attainment of objectives of a firm is determined by what it has targeted. The same applies to employees in the company; their success and happiness while working is defined by having a well-laid development plan.

For Jay, who is a sales representative his development plan should lay its foundation on the magnitude of sales. The path followed by a sales representative’s career will be pre-determined by the skills he or she has. One is also at a better place if they acknowledge sectors that they are weak but with time there can be an improvement. For instance for the case of Jay, him being aware that he had little knowledge of the benefits of the products he dealt with should stimulate him to know absolutely everything about the products.

After Jay communicating skills being found to be excellent, this can be used to increase the market for the firm’s products. Hence knowing this builds up the sales representative’s self-esteem and makes him or her fully explore their potential (Davis, 2015). From the evaluation conducted by Cathy, a couple of customers, we found not to have been satisfied with the services Jay offered, but this is not to say that he is not good at want he does. Jay should appreciate this revelation and accept chances of possible rejections and not take them personally.

Moreover, Cathy also found out that Jay was always able to keep his personal life from work and be enthusiastic when communicating with colleagues and clients. And if fellow work mates were to follow suit then building a rapport with new customers would be eased, aiding the firm in accomplishing its objectives.

ReferencesDavis, J. A. (2015). Independent Sales Representative Analysis. Measuring Marketing2, 273-274.

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