Should healthy food cost less than junk food?


Should healthy food cost less than junk food?

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Persuasive Speech Guidelines & Criteria

Stay with the same topic as your Informative Speech (with a different thesis and speech goal) or choose a topic where the audience must DO something you’re persuading them to do.

Your primary goal in this speech is to motivate the audience to take an action, not just change an opinion. Thus, your outline will focus on the action you want the audience to take. The action should be something the audience can really do (go to the dentist, upgrade to a new smartphone, etc.) and you should have an example of the desired result.

Worth: 200 points

DUE: July 26th (outline due July 19th)

Speaking Time: 4-7 minutes; going over or under will drop your grade by 20 points.
Full Sentence Outline See Packet for format (Use Monroe’s Sequence).
Reference Page (with required sources)
Students must submit hard copy of their full sentence outline before presenting. Failure to submit the printed outline will result in 25 points off of the speech. Failure to submit a printed reference page will result in 25 points off of the speech.
You must have one of each type of source. ____Book____Magazine____Newspaper____Journal____Website

This speech is done in front of an audience of 5 or more, recorded and submitted to the course through Google Docs or Youtube video link.

Presentational Aides – 2 different types (one must be a tri-fold display)

Your PowerPoint (slides) can be used for charts, graphs, bullet points, or photographs. No scripted text should be alone on your slides.
If you are using video or sound media, it should not exceed 60 seconds of your speech time.

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