Short Memoir OR Personal Statement

Paper details:

Do ONE of the following, making sure you are using language in an interesting way, and are also using the knowledge you have gained over the last few classes about narration, point of view, drawing on all five of the senses, showing, not telling, and writing effective dialogue.

Write a short memoir: a story about a moment in your own life where you made an important choice. The choice can be anything; it can be about your studies, about the career you want to pursue, about a relationship or friendship, about family, about coming to Canada, about political, financial, social, or religious values. It could be a small decision that had significant consequences, or it could even be a decision that was taken out of your hands. Describe the situation that led to the choice. Who were the people involved? What happened? Why did you need to make a choice or accept someone else’s choice? What did the choice mean to you, and what do you think it will mean in the future?


Choose a university you would like to attend for further studies after your Bachelor’s degree is completed. Write a personal statement to the Admissions Committee of this university, explaining why you are a good fit for a specific program it offers (which you find interesting). Remember to use narrative to make your application stand out from the dozens of applications the university will get. Do not praise the university or repeat information that is in your transcriipt, but give as much new information as possible.

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