Short Answer Essay


According to Muir, 2009, students who occasionally attend classes attain better grades than their counterparts. Students that attend class tend to have a sensational educational experience. Attending classes enables learners to engage in-class activities such as discussions to sharpen their syllabus understanding. Adherence to attendance also gives learners the motivation to thoroughly study and acquire more insight from the lectures (Carr, 2016). Students who attend classes may not engage in unlawful activities and maintain a good school record, including successful graduation. Attending classes enables a school to properly operate its budget and meet the students’ education needs (GreatSchools Staff, 2011). (100 words)


The syllabus unifies students and lectures and sets a stage for progressive learning. Students get a comprehensive understanding of a course’s nature by reading the syllabus (Duquesne University, 2020). The syllabus introduces students to the system’s expectations. The course syllabus serves as a communication tool and an introduction to the course contract. For instance, it eliminates misunderstandings due to plagiarism or exam malpractice (Parkes & Harris, 2002). The syllabus draws a roadmap of how learning events such as assessment dates will unfold throughout the course. Students can derive motivation and passion for the course by reading the syllabus (Johnson, 2006) (100 words)


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