Sexual Harassment Policies and Procedures

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Sexual Harassment Policies and procedures
All managers all responsible for ensuring the workplace is free of sexual harassment. Based on the required reading and your own research, and considering the complexities of sexual harassment, answer questions below. Please cite:

2a. What are at least three important steps you would take to ensure compliance with sexual harassment policies and fulfill your obligations as a human resources manager?

2b. Why did you select these steps as most important?

2c. What are the implications of not taking these steps?

Use at least two sources from the readings below/material to support your response.

Required Reading:
Mannie, T. (2019). Chapter 951: A step towards ending sexual harassment. University of the Pacific Law Review, 50(2), 201–216. Retrieved from the EBSCO multi-search database in the TUW Library.

Doyle, A. (2019, September). Examples of sexual and non-sexual harassment. The Balance Careers. Retrieved from

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