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You are ONLY allowed to use the source provided (the pdf attached) , no external sources.

In this case study, you are ONLY supposed to answer the following questions:

1) What is the business SEDO operates in? In each area, they operate in, describe how do they make money. Also, describe what is domain parking. (1 pts)

2) Assume that SEDO is not aware of the concept of touchpoints and also the current state of consumers in their decision-making process for domain reselling. Suggest at least 3 touchpoints for each stage of the decision-making process that SEDO can use. Search and find in which of the touchpoints for information search stage suggested by you, can you see the presence of SEDO. (1.5 pts)

3) Consider that till now the only channel addition SEDO has done is to move from one location to start the business to website presence in many different locations. What other potential channels (at least 2) can you recommend for SEDO to expand their business? (1 pts)

4) Go through the section about business model problems that SEDO is facing. Assume that you are thinking of a new acquisition campaign for SEDO, assuming that you want to convert people who are already engaged. Develop a big idea (in the communication) that you can use in your campaign. Describe one potential ad (online), that can be used to implement this big idea. (1.5 pts)


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