Section 5 of your Marketing and Communications Plan

marketing assignment 5

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This assignment will be submitted to Turnitin®.
For Section 5 of your Marketing and Communications Plan:

Identify your key community benefit or health engagement/awareness themes (not more than three) and partners for engagement. Identify how to bring to life your organization’s alignment with these. How will you engage the community and your employees?
What are the key talking points for your executives relative to the community benefit or health engagement/awareness themes? What nonprofit organizations, community benefit organizations (CBOs), or community service organizations are in your community? How many of your organization’s executives are engaged on the board of these organizations?
Outline your most influential media—at least one print and one broadcast in your geographic area. What reporting have they done on healthcare? What topics would you want to highlight from your organization that they should cover? What’s the angle or hook that would be newsworthy?
This is an individual assignment, and it should be submitted via the appropriate assignment link, Marketing and Communications Plan (Section 5) in NYU Classes.

Your response should be 2-5 double-spaced pages (12-point font, MS Word document).
I am not sure if you need to use my hospital info. But it’s overlook hospital in summit nj. atlantic health systems. and i work as radiation therapist .

Before submitting your assignment, be sure to review the grading rubric.

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