Second Show Critique


Second Show Critique

Paper details:

Watch the following episode from Disney’s Recess (season 2, episode 17) “The Economics of Recess.”

“Recess” is an animated television series from the late 90s and early 2000s. The show focuses on a group of 5th graders as they spend time out on the playground during recess.

In this episode, monstickers become currency for the playground.

1) What concept related to money are illustrated by the monstickers?

2) Consider what happens on the playground when TJ owns most of the monstickers and no currency is circulating. What macroeconomic concept can you apply?

1) Consider the different types of money or the functions of money.

2) Identify a concept to explain the drop in economic activity on the playground.

3) Clearly relate the two concepts you selected to specific portions of the video.

You are required to write 8 sentences as your entry and you should have about 175 to 250 words. Proper spelling and grammar is required. The more details you include and the stronger your explanation, the more points you will receive.

You must make a post to this discussion forum before seeing the entries of your classmates.

You must REPLY to at least one post before the due date.

Writing assignments are graded on a 10 point scale based on the rubric provided in the syllabus. Bonus points may be awarded for exemplary responses and participation.

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