Search for our group brand ‘coop’ and write a 3mins long scirpt for my part.

Paper details:

Well, this assignment is actually a group project. First you need to have look for my uploaded file. As you can see there is a instruction and explanation. Our group members divided our part so you need to see my uploaded file first. As you can see my file, our group need to present 30 mins video about our brand so our group devided the parts to do. And my part is green highlighted part which is Consumer/user-focused – assess the health of the brand – uncover sources of brand equity – Recommendation for improving and leveraging brand equity – my part And Recommendations for brand positioning, and marketing – my part Well, I need to speech about 3 mins long for my part so you can write some scriipt for those part for me. Let me simply explain about our brand “university of Coop” which located at Ritusmeikan Asia pacific University in Japan Beppu. Our group member decided to target our university students and university professors. And here is the services for coop so you can read it to understand what is coop. General Store We provide a wide selection of stationery supplies, drawing materials, athletics wear, lab coats, electronic dictionaries, food and beverage products, and other necessities which are essential for campus life. Students and faculty members can also order products which are not available in the store. Please ask the co-op staff for details. Co-op members can also use photocopy machines that are located near our stores. Bookstore With the co-op membership card, you can buy books, textbooks and magazine at a 10 percent discount. You can also order books (including foreign language books) through the co-op bookstore. Cafeteria Healthy and balanced meals are offered at a low price. Various dishes can be enjoyed at the cafeteria, including set menu, daily specials, noodle dishes and curry rice. Co-op cafeterias are based on self-service system. A person will have a tray to select the food that they want and pay at the check out. They will be given receipts with nutritional information printed on them. Some co-ops provide meal coupons and meal cards that are purchased in advance, and regularly report students’ eating habits to the their parents/guardians. Agency Services Housing Service We provide referrals to secure and safe housing for students who live away from their family. Ticketing Service JR tickets, flight reservation (domestic and international), hotel bookings and various types of tours can be arranged through co-op. Student Mutual Benefit The mutual benefit system based on members’ mutual support spirit covers the students’ 24-hour life. The premiums are relatively lower than those for general insurance. For details of the system, please ask your co-op. Before writing the scriipts for my parts you can refer to this site to understand our brand coop. To summarize it 1. Please read the uploaded file to understand out task and my part 2. You don’t need to do other part, what we need to do is just green highlighted MY part 3. Please go to here and make sure you understand what is coop and write some 3mins long scriipts for my parts. 4. Again Our group decided to target our university students and university professors. Please let me know if you dont understand. Thank you

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